Ethan Wills

Assistant Technician

Before starting my apprenticeship at AWP I studied for an Engineering Level 3 Extended Diploma at SDUTC.

After two and half years at Sainsbury’s I decided to pursue a career in the engineering industry.

In the time I have been at AWP, I have got a taste of what it is like to work in the industry and I would like to climb the ladder within this company. I will complete my level 3 and HNC at college and possibly study at university to eventually become a charted engineer.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with family. After finishing at SDUTC I changed my contract to 30 hours a week at Sainsbury’s and with this extra income I went abroad 4 times within 10 months. Before this I had never been further than London let alone out of the country. In these trips I visited Majorca, New York, Disneyland Paris, and Turkey. I hope to still experience these sort of holidays whilst working at AWP.

I enjoy what I do with AWP and the people within the company make this experience more enjoyable. I hope to continue working for AWP for many more years gaining more experience, knowledge, and qualifications in my time here.