"Working with Dan and the team at AWP has been a pleasure. Their input and knowledge has resulted in practical solutions to some difficult drainage issues and detailed highway matters all of which was delivered on time and as scheduled. I will be using them in the future and would highly recommend their dynamic approach."

Richard PerseyHitchcock's Business Park

Scheme Engineering Layout

There are many engineering elements to be accommodated within development layouts such as highway layout, drainage, street lighting, ongoing maintenance and materials requirements.

Our Infrastructure teams (led by Pete, Graham, Rodin and Dan) have a thorough knowledge of the relevant drainage regulations and requirements, as set out by Sewers for Adoption (7th Edition). AWP are therefore able to advise on solutions which have least impact on layouts and thus maximise developable areas.

The highway implications of innovative layouts and the application of Manual for Streets or Homezone principles can also often create issues in achieving agreement with a highway authority. Ian and Alex in particular have significant experience in working alongside highway officers to help clients and masterplanners achieve the schemes they want.

We also regularly negotiate with the relevant authorities to gain relaxations from standards where agreeable and necessary based upon a sound engineering justification.

At AWP we have a thorough understanding and practical experience of all the engineering issues that need consideration within development layouts to assist clients in delivering commercially successful schemes.