"We like working with Peter and his team at AWP as they have experience and capability to provide engineering input on large complex D&B schemes. We particularly value their ability to readily identify engineering issues and come up with alternative practical solutions where necessary. This ability saves us time and money which is why we look forward to working with AWP on Sherford and other schemes in the future."

Jamie RobertsDirectorFred Champion Groundworks Limited

Levels Analysis and Earthworks Balancing

With landfill cost rising and margins being squeezed we are acutely aware of the need to keep material on-site, reduce the need for retaining walls and keeping site muck shift requirements to a minimum. To this end we use the latest versions of best practice digital terrain modelling software to undertake 3D earthworks modelling and produce level solutions and a scheme engineering layout that keep offsite disposals to a minimum.

In addition to this we have a wealth of experience in dealing with sites with challenging topography. On these sites we are often engaged at initial layout planning stage getting our felt pens and calculator out as achieving optimised alignment of roads that work well with efficient plot levels and sustainable drainage measures is key to a balanced earthworks solution which keeps retaining structures to a minimum.

At AWP, Pete and his team understand that the groundworks package of a development often has the largest scope for savings to be made. Our infrastructure design team’s experience is particularly valued by clients and regularly saves costs many times the value of our fee in helping deliver the most economic development.