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"We like working with the AWP team as they are experienced, flexible, commercially astute, technically savvy, but above all they get the job done."

Andrew DavisDirectorYelverton Properties

Anaerobic Digestion plant


Working directly for a local landowner / farmer, we were appointed to help support an outline planning application for a new Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant to be located on the edge of the Lords Meadow Industrial Estate in Crediton. The proposed 'gas to grid' plant will generate enough gas to supply up to 3,200 homes.

We were appointed to undertake a Flood Risk Assessment and Transport Statement to support the planning application. The key constraint, which is why we were originally asked to work on this project, is that the site is located on the edge of the high risk flood zone. We were therefore required to come up with a flood mitigation scheme which included a volume of compensatory flood plain storage but also offered significant environmental betterments required to ensure the Environment Agency (EA) could support the scheme.

We liaised closely with the EA and initially prepared a digital terrain model to size the required compensatory flood plain storage. We subsequently appointed RMA Environmental to undertake a 2D hydraulic model of the River Creedy to demonstrate that there will be no increased flood risk to any third parties as a result of the proposed works.

Planning permission was granted in June 2019.