"Astute, calm, empowering, forward-thinking and caring. AWP’s approach to leadership is built on pedigree and experience - which is why it invests so consciously in its people. The entire company is engaged in their own bespoke development programme - a clear indication of intent for the future."

Paul MattinDirectorWilderness Solutions www.wilderness-solutions.co.uk

Leadership Training

As part of our partnership ethos, we only recruit at grass roots level (technicians and graduates) allowing leaders to develop and grow from within the team.  This means our leaders are embedded in the AWP values and have grown with them.

In partnership with Paul Mattin of Wilderness Solutions we have been working through a training programme looking at how to be great motivators and leaders whilst balancing the ever growing workload and pressure of deadlines.

Here is what Sophie has to say about the training:

"As a management team we have been working through the Personal Strengths and Strength Deployment Inventory guide to discover how we can use our strengths as a team to support each other.  I have really enjoyed digging down into my 'Motivational Value System' and looking at how I relate to people both when things are going well and when the pressure is on.  I have learnt a great deal about myself and how my role in the office can be used to support the rest of the team.  Paul is a real inspiration and knows how to balance the practical learning with the more theory based practise of management training."