Turnchapel Boatyard


Building on work we'd previously undertaken to support a residential development of this brownfield site overlooking Cattewater, Plymouth, we were asked to undertake an FRA to support the redevelopment of this site with a new boatyard and a single detached dwelling.

The small waterfront site is located in the high risk flood zone 3 where normally residential development would not be permitted. Through a series of meetings with Plymouth City Council and the Environment Agency, it was agreed that if the proposed scheme were to provide flood defences that also reduce the flood risk to existing low lying properties as well as protecting the proposed development, this would enable the Exception Test, as set out in the NPPF, to be passed.

AWP worked closely with the scheme architects Workshop Collaberative to produce a preliminary design of a scheme including a tidal flood defence wall which was included in a site-specific Flood Risk Assessment.

Images reproduced courtesy of WORKSHOP-Collaborative