AWP sponsor kit for Nepalese porters


In partnership with Paul Mattin of Wilderness Solutions, we have sponsored kit for a team of porters in the Khumbu Valley, Nepal.

Paul has led expeditions to Nepal for many years and following the April 2015 earthquake, he walked from his home in Devon to Westminster to raise funds to help the rebuilding of affected communities. Tourism is a key source of income in rural Nepal and therefore we are delighted to be able to help provide kit for the local porters who support Paul on his trips.

These porters' ability to carry loads weighing more than 50kg, mile after arduous mile over steep Himalayan terrain is world famous but their kit and equipment is not always up to the task. We were therefore pleased to provide new jackets and hats to enable them to continue their work through the extreme conditions they encounter every day.

Photographs reproduced courtesy of Paul Mattin, Wilderness Solutions