"It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, regardless of the bruises that accompanied the next day. The AWP Team’s superior teamwork and communication ensured an easy overall victory for the Blue Team, despite our opponents having more expansive experience in the arena, automatic weapons and a much larger ammunition stockpile to draw upon."

Max WakefieldApprentice TechnicianAWP

Christmas 2017 - Shelter Box


As much of our current work is in the residential sector we felt it was appropriate to make a donation to regional charity Shelter Box to help families who have lost their homes, in lieu of sending greeting cards this Christmas.

Shelter Box are doing a fantastic job providing emergency shelter for families robbed of their homes by natural disaster and conflict.  Right now, around 85 million people around the world have been made homeless as a result of conflict or natural disasters. Shelter Box are working to change this.  By providing emergency shelter and tools for affected families, they are transforming despair into hope.

If you would also like to help, then please join us by donating here https://www.shelterbox.org/christmas-appeal-2017