Office Update - AWP Have Moved


AWP are excited to announce that we have packed our bags and left our home of 7 years at Kensington Court to move to pastures new at Ada House.

There is a lot of on-going discussion across the whole economy at the moment about what the future of work could look like in the post-pandemic world. We have been speaking to staff about that over the last year or so, and whilst flexibility of where people work day-to-day is going to form a much more significant role in the years ahead there remains a strong desire from the whole team to retain the ability to get together in a single space to collaborate, learn, and simply to enjoy each other’s company.

So we have taken the opportunity to move to a larger space at Ada House which, conveniently, sits only a few hundred metres away from our old office on Pynes Hill in Exeter. As well as additional space to accommodate future growth, our first floor home includes a large breakout room, lots of additional meeting space and more individual quiet working areas that we think will be all the more important in the future as colleagues in the office work with others remotely. Our new set-up will also mean we have plenty of facilities separate from the main open plan space for people to participate in external client, project, and stakeholder meetings that continue to be held online.

As part of the move, we have been able to distribute our old office furniture far and wide across the south west to various start ups and charities.

Individual teams are now taking it in turns to unpack and be inducted into the new space in line with the current Covid restrictions, but generally AWP will continue to be working remotely as we have been since March 2020.

However, from today (29th June 2021) our new address will be as follows:


Ada House

Pynes Hill



All telephone contact numbers remain the same as before.

As time goes by we are now eagerly awaiting the day we can extend an invitation to visitors to come and see us in our new home! Stand-by for a further update once we've unpacked and settled in.