Team Building 2019


This year's birthday celebration took us on a weekend trip to Dartington Hall in Totnes with our tame ex-marine Paul Mattin looking at our 'World Class Basics'.

Taking time out of our busy workload to re-connect as a team is an important part of our AWP ethos.  Combining it with some training and team-building fun just adds to the value we get out of it at the other end.

Paul Mattin is a long-standing member of the wider AWP team and has worked with us over a number of years.  He's run various 'whole team' team building events as well as helping to develop our leadership training programme.

This weekend was all about re-connecting with our 'World Class Basics' and making sure that, amongst the busyness and success, we don't forget what it is that sets AWP apart from the rest.  We used various management tools such as ‘Chimp Management’ and ‘Strength Deployment Inventory’ to ensure we have the right people doing the right job at the right time and that we understand what motivates our team, what makes them tick and what drives them in life (not just in work).  Combined with some fun activities and learning, the weekend brought the team closer together and more aware of ourselves and each other.

The highlight for many was Paul’s after-dinner talk about his expedition to walk to the South Pole (and back).  It was a remarkable story of team-work in the toughest of environments and tied nicely into how important it is to get the basics right in order to have a solid foundation to fall back on.

The weekend also hosted the inaugural ‘AWP Values Awards’ which celebrated staff members who have most consistently displayed the AWP Values over the last year.  The winners were:

Trust – Annabel Harris

Sharing – Chris Yalden

Mutually Respectful – Jon Goldsworthy

Delivering Quality Services – Will Pitman

Value for Money – Dan Hart

Informed – Sam Davenport