Monster Race mayhem


On 17th March our team of 14 tackled the Monster Race in horrendous conditions. Covered in mud, in temperatures hovering around freezing, they managed to complete the 5km course before the officials were forced to abandon the event.

The race was held in the grounds of Escot House which meant running across uneven surfaces and mud due to the rain from the previous days. The course had around 25 challenging obstacles, many of which involved water or mud which made our white corporate t-shirt turn brown very quickly.

Unfortunately, due to adverse weather conditions and a number of medical emergencies, the race had to be cancelled part way through, so our team were only able to complete the 5km course rather than the full 10km. However, given the conditions, this was an real achievement!

We were raising money for Children’s Hospice South West and so far the team have managed to raise over £1,300 from external donations which AWP were pleased to match fund resulting in over £2,600 going to this excellent charity.  The fundraising page is still online so please do add your donation to the pot if you haven't already: