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Stoodley Knowle


Working closely (we share the same building) with project architects KTA for the PG Group, we undertook a Transport Assessment and Flood Risk Assessment to support a planning application for a residential development in Torquay. 

The application at the former school site of Stoodley Knowle was for 90 dwellings comprising a mixture of houses and apartments on a challenging brownfield site with historic buildings and close to the coastline. The development consists of a total of 22 houses and 68 apartments. Of the 22 houses, nine will be via conversions with the balance as new build.

We also undertook preliminary highway design work to set road and slab levels across this steep site and provided explanatory material for the public consultation event answering a number of questions relating to the engineering proposals. 

Planning permission was granted in July 2020.

Images reproduced courtesy of KTA