Team Training - Productivity


Here at AWP we pride ourselves on investing in our staff and their training and development.  Working closely with Paul Mattin of Wilderness Solutions this session continued to build on that.

Removing the senior management team from the mix, we sent our younger, more energetic staff members off for the afternoon to look at a session on 'productivity in the workplace'.  Working in teams they had to develop a plan to 'escape from the moon' with 'NASA' sending in more and more instructions as the afternoon went on.  Some of the tasks were individual, some were collaborative between teams.  The aim was for the teams to learn when to get their head down and get on with the job in hand, when they need to look elsewhere for support and resources and how best to prioritise tasks to get the best out of themselves and those around them.

The Senior Managers then joined at the end of the day to join in with the feedback session and team BBQ overlooking Woodbury golf course.